Amplify (Process work)

The home screen went through about a dozen designs at first. I was still trying to figure out what info was most relevant to the user. We had 3 very different use cases for the app, and multiple personas for each use case.

Finding the happy medium between devouring content and making something casual users would come back to was tricky without much testing.

Onboarding was tackled with simplicity in mind as I didn't want to lose the user on any step of the setup.

These screens were for choosing your initial topics. Some organizations had 50 topics, some had 5, all had to work nicely together.

I found users were more likely to explore this screen if it hinted at more interactivity. Listing out the topics had the least engagement, and curiosity to swipe down was too low.

The login screen had multiple iterations over the year. Adding support for SSO, new users signing up from within the app, outside the app, all made it increasingly complicated.

I ended up making it a smarter login experience by determining the type of user by their email. Once the user enters their email, we find out if they've already set a password, are using single sign-on, or are a returning user. They are taken to the correct flow from there instead of having to choose the right option from the login screen.

This is a map of all the user journeys they can take from the login screen to get in the app.

It looks complicated but most of the time the user will only see one or two screens before they can get in.